Reverend Stephanie Oliver

Reverend Stephanie has been called, anointed, and appointed since 1999.


At Morgantown Baptist Church in Burlington, N.C. she sang in the mass choir and was named leader for the Praise and Worship team. She served nine years under the leadership of Bishop Steven W. Clay formerly of Morgantown Baptist Church and followed him to God's Favor Outreach Ministries in Graham, N.C. In 2001.

While still at Morgantown, Stephanie attended The School of Theology in Burlington, N. C.
After serving as Associate Minister and Chairperson of the Marketing Committee at Morgantown, the Holy Spirit unveiled "Divine" purpose."

It was January 2007 that Minister Stephanie received the call to Pastor.  She is the founder of Life Changing Experience Outreach Ministries, Inc. Reverend Stephanie Oliver is a 2009 honor graduate from the United Cornerstone School of Divinity located in Thomasville, N.C. under the instruction of Bishop Dr. George B. Jackson.

She is currently an associate minister of First Baptist of Lexington under the leadership of Dr. Herbert Miller 11, and also a student of Destiny Ministries Bible College in Kingston NC and extension of Johnston Community College in Smithfield North Carolina seeking her Master's in Christian Counseling.

Under the direction of Dr. Fredrick and Marcia Rhoe . It was September 29, 2012 Reverend Stephanie opened up Life Changing Family Home while she is under the instruction of Dr. Carrie Dudley of Kingston North Carolina,  and is currently opening up a School of Divinity from Bachelor to Doctrine in 2013, and Life Changing Experience Outreach Ministries, Inc.

Her short term goal for ministry is to open transitional housing for elderly men and women in Thomasville and to employ the residents through her business. To operate a Daycare, lawn service, janitorial service, and food bank for people that have been miss placed or homeless.

Reverend Stephanie is dedicated to God and ministry and equally dedicated to her family. Her mother, Ivey Gaymon and father Calvin Henderson are both residents of Thomasville. Stephanie is the wife of Minister Gayland Oliver of Greensboro, Stephanie has set a good example and built a strong foundation for her children.

She teaches her children that through Christ all things are possible as well as that education is the key to success. Her daughter Larissa Makupson, a former student of St. Augustine. She is now seeking her degree in Medical office.

Calvin Makupson a  former U.S. Army Soldier  currently seeking his degree in Nursing and Elijah a student of GTCC College. Her grandsons are Jeremiah and David Jr.

Reverend Stephanie attributes her success in business and family to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pastor Stephanie's motto is "If you lose the passion, you lose the power." She has a passion for ministry and God who is first in her life. God has given her the power and grants her the authority to do all things well.